Water Pressure Management in Franklin and Brentwood, TN

Water Heater Expansion Tanks.

Maintaining Pressure

Maintaining the water pressure in your plumbing system is extremely important. Usually your plumbing will benefit more from lower water pressure. At Pipe Master Plumbing, we can help you test and manage your plumbing system’s water pressure. To find out more about water pressure management in Franklin and Brentwood, TN, or to schedule a service, give us a call at (931) 215-1693.

Our Service Offerings

Among the many service offerings we provide is water pressure management. The water pressure in your plumbing system is normally determined by the height of your plumbing system in relationship to the public water supply. The lower the water pressure is, the better it is for your pipes. Lower water pressure can reduce the chances of leaks throughout your plumbing system, including the main line and sewer lines. Lower pressure also allows to conserve water and save money because you reduce the amount of water you use in showers, faucets, and spigots. You can reduce your water pressure by using devices like check valves, expansion tanks, and pressure reducing valves. As part of our water pressure management services, we repair and install these devices. Just give us a call at (931) 215-1693 if you are interested in having one installed.

Check Valves

These valves are used in homes primarily with sump pumps. They maintain the water flow in one direction. Check valves are used in the municipal water supply to prevent backflow of sewage into the main water supply.

Expansion Tanks

Also known as a thermal expansion tank, these tanks are attached to standard tank water heaters to reduce the pressure on your pipes produced by the water heater. Pressure from the water heater can damage your pipes. Expansion tanks are usually not needed with tankless systems. If you need an expansion tank installed or a water heater repaired or installed, give us a call at (931) 215-1693.

Pressure Reducing Valves

Pressure reducing valves do exactly that. When installed, they reduce the water pressure coming through the pipes by reducing the amount of water that goes through them. With a pressuring reducing valve, your pipes receive less wear and tear, and are less likely to generate leaks.

Call For Service Today

If you are interested in lowering the water pressure in your home, and improving your plumbing system’s overall performance, Pipe Master Plumbing can install devices to help you with water pressure management in Franklin and Brentwood, TN. To schedule an appointment, call (931) 215-1693

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